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    Hi I'm Jade,

    I hope you feel at home here. I am a portrait and wedding photographer and film maker based in Oswestry Shropshire.

    "The home of heart warming photographs and film making evoking the simple beauties of everyday life"

    Life is so busy and fast we often miss the small things that make us grateful. Slow down, breathe, love, feel and I will capture the things that you don't always see.

    I really care about the people I photograph which is why I like to take the time to get to know you over a real conversation. I believe that foremost the real images reveal themselves when you are open in yourself and to the world around you.

    I want to capture you in your happy place, I will ask you what makes you happy and what makes your heart full. I love to capture those moments where you light up when you tell me whats important to you. That's my love to capture your love, your happiness, your story!

What is Inspiration?


Inspiration can be anything you want and I believe it comes in many forms. We all receive it differently. It can be something you see, feel, touch, hear. It could be reading words from a book, something someone says to us, a piece of music,the way something looks, the way the light falls could make you see and feel something just for you in that moment, it could be an idea that comes to you whilst painting, drawing,writing, the people who love us.

I was inspired to write this post as I love being inspired and we all have people who inspire us in various ways and make us want to be better, we all have ideas  that we are inspired and that we want to try. Often I am told that I am inspirational which is lovely to think that I inspire others. I inspire others with my words and my art. But this inspiration I receive is fed by many things. How wonderful it is to inspire each others minds with good things.

I am hugely inspired by the world around me and the people around me that love me.  I am inspired by light and how it falls, the colours and textures around me and the way the wind moves the trees. I spend a lot of time in nature in the garden and walking as it inspires me to new things and my world always becomes a lot clearer and focused . Nature inspires me to relax and gather good energy and thoughts for my soul. Deeply and thoughtful listening makes me appreciate the world and it inspires me to create art and relish in beautiful moments, to not just live each day but to live in the moment.

Iv’e been inspired all week to simplify.

Simplify my life. In a world surrounded by things we can often feel cluttered. My inspirational thought came to me. De clutter and live simpler and inspiration will flourish in personal and work life. By clutter I this also means for me spending less time online, I only check my fb and emails a couple of times a day now and by doing this is has led me to be much in in the moment and focussed on what I am doing and not about what others are up to. De clutter our minds. I do really miss those days when we didn’t need fb. As great as it is, it is time to think about how much time this takes us away from our families and from our focus. Look at the people you love and really look at them, not half behind a screen of fb of someone elses news. What is really important?

Inspiration made me pick up a particular book very recently. Reading that book has been mindblowing. It answered questions I had, brought certain things in my life to focus, it was actually incredible and I just thought wow my body and mind are in tune to what I need. The words were meant for me. I honestly cannot believe the difference in my life from just giving myself some quiet time each day to think about that day and what I have done. By relaxing, listening and feeling my life has become more meaningful each day. When I feel this way I am more open to see. I see more around me and look at things differently and capture more with my camera and my heart. A camera is not needed for every moment but many moments are captured only by the heart.

If you want a more meaningful life with inspiration and thought do some listening and inspiration will come. Be open to receive.

We don’t have to wait for inspiration we need to invite it, there is no perfect time to receive it but doing a particular something such as a walk each day may help you to feel inspired, or write down ideas in a book, it may be listening to classical music, We all feel it differently. So have a think about what makes you feel inspired?

I’d love to know what inspires you and what things you do to invite inspiration?inspiration-jadelangtonevans



It’s been a while since I published a blogpost. I went on a course several weeks back now and felt all inspired to come home and just get blogging more. Of course time has been a major factor and I was so behind on blogging, my to do list was looking so long it put me off so it kind of went out of the window and today I just thought you know what just share what is on my mind right now and the rest  of the posts will follow.

Years ago if I had been asked the question: ” What would be your perfect day?” My answer would have been very different to now.

When I pondered this I realised my answer came very easily to me.

My perfect day would consist of spending time with those I love the most.  A snuggle wrapped in a cosy blanket cuddling my boy. He is so cuddly and loving and gives the best snuggles in the world, he makes me feel like a million dollars. I am so blessed to be his mama. Listening to the sounds of giggles and laughter as I watch George and Adam play together. Sitting outside in our garden and listening to all of the sounds of nature come alive. The butterflies fluttering and the bees buzzing. The birds swooping down all different colours and sizes with such different chirps and stopping near us to pick up a worm or some crumbs. In the garden it’s a time to relax properly in the countryside and unwind just listen and watch and enjoy the world around me.

I love to be able to pick fruit from the fruit bushes strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants and tasting their sweet, delicious flavours, feeling so grateful that the year before when I was heavily pregnant and swollen that my lovely husband took the time to plant and look after the garden so that we could enjoy it.

An afternoon snooze with a good book, Listening to relaxing music. If I had the chance maybe a tinkle on the old piano keys feeling the music underneath my fingertips, playing to my beautiful boy as he sits next to me. I want to pass on my love for music, I believe that the right music touches the soul in the most extraordinary way.

Preparing a meal from the beautiful grown goods in the garden, the love of knowing that they were planted, fed and cared for with our own hands.

A wander down the country lanes with our old doggy beside us watching the little rabbits run across the fields, seeing and taking in the beautiful world around us . As night draws in watching the sun set and watching the stars whilst pondering life, Most importantly with the people I love the most and sharing these things together.

Since I have become a mother my life, my expectations, my thoughts and desires have been realised that life is what we make it and life has become so much clearer to me in many ways, What is important to me is to do the things I love putting my family at the forefront and the rest will work itself out.

I also realised that I have many of these amazing days and this is because I make time. If tomorrow never came I would feel so blessed and grateful for a beautiful family.

It is hard in life often to forget that we should make the most of our time here as alot of my thoughts recently have been about being happy now and keeping my focus on what is important. Making the most of whatever time we have.

What is your idea of a perfect day?


Old man gummy smile, It really makes me laugh that you do this! It really is so cute. Right now you are 9 months old and you are changing so much!

You started crawling this week, you love to walk with us while we hold your hands, you are definitely on a mission!

You are so noisy like really vocal if you are really happy or really want something you certainly let us know by raising those vocal chords, Poor mummy!



Since I last wrote an update on where your at I cannot believe what you are doing now!


Clapping hands and waving, chatting and squealing very loudly! walking along the couch, standing by your self unaided, walking a few steps with mummy or daddy holding your hands, taking food from our plates and you know what you want I tell you that!!

You copy things we do like pull the blanket over your face then pull it down when we say boo, you copy little faces we do.george2

You do this hilarious old man gummy smile which is so cute.

You really seem to have a great love for me reading books to you now, I always have but now when I bring out a book you get so excited!

You love kissing and cuddling the ladies!