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    Hi I'm Jade,

    I hope you feel at home here. I am a portrait and wedding photographer and film maker based in Oswestry Shropshire.

    "The home of heart warming photographs and film making evoking the simple beauties of everyday life"

    Life is so busy and fast we often miss the small things that make us grateful. Slow down, breathe, love, feel and I will capture the things that you don't always see.

    I really care about the people I photograph which is why I like to take the time to get to know you over a real conversation. I believe that foremost the real images reveal themselves when you are open in yourself and to the world around you.

    I want to capture you in your happy place, I will ask you what makes you happy and what makes your heart full. I love to capture those moments where you light up when you tell me whats important to you. That's my love to capture your love, your happiness, your story!

Oh Jade…. we just watched this and we all have happy tears.
Thank you so much for capturing these special moments. I will never forget the look on Amelie’s face watching me feed Autumn on the sofa – and leaning over the edge of the pool – something you captured that I was not aware of.
Also I love the footage of Annie, you can really see all the joy in her face because she had invested emotionally in our journey from the start. I also love the footage of Rich & I holding Autumn in bed, and me stroking his arm.
It’s very emotional to watch and I want to show everybody in the whole world. It makes it all look so normal to be at home, and that’s just how it felt. I feel really strongly that more people need to know how ecstatic birth can be.
The music is great, I love how you changed it from the first part (upstairs) to the second part (downstairs), it really suits the mood.
I also love the footage of Autumns first nappy! I forgot that all four of us did it together, how touching to see this!


Some kind words from Rosie about why she chose to have a birth photographer/ film maker to capture this special time.

During my pregnancy I joined various birth groups on Facebook, knowing that the more positive information I exposed myself to, the more likely it would be that we were going to have another positive birth experience. I knew this was the last pregnancy we would plan, and I wanted to capture the birth if possible. I regretted not filming Amelie’s birth. However, at that time I had never experienced labour so was unsure exactly what to expect.
This time though I had experienced the transformative power of birth, the exquisite combination of anticipation, anxiety, surrender, and relief. The process of birth reminds you that we can never truly control anything, and yet you feel like the centre of the universe bringing life into the world. It’s a heady mix of personal responsibility and also the responsibly to accept whatever happens. I can’t describe what it is like waiting to meet your baby for the first time  I was aware that this moment would never come again.
Parents on these Facebook groups were sharing images and films of their births including an American birth centre. One after another I saw women birthing their babes surrounded by supportive people, then bathing in a blissful post partum bath complete with flowers and a first birthday song.
I wanted to capture what could potentially be a blissful time for our family, not just for me but for our children.
I started googling birth photographers in our area but found none. I found Jade’s website, looked at her photography and watched a few of her films. I loved the style of them and got a good feeling about her. I made contact and she kindly shared another film she had made. I spoke to my husband Richard who wasn’t keen, I think he found it hard to imagine what it might be like having an extra person at our homebirth. I thought it over for a few weeks and decided to book Jade. She was 2 hours away so there was a real chance she may not make the birth but I accepted that and knew it would still be wonderful to have her visit us and capture the first few hours together with our new baby. Jade took the time to speak to me about what I did and didn’t want, including addressing issues about lighting and our 8 year old.
On the day was such a pleasure to have in our home. She is very skilled at remaining in the background in order to capture what is happening. She is mindful not to engage too much in conversation and simply let events unfold, but she is warm and personable and I therefore felt a connection with her from the start which meant her presence only added to our lovely dreamy homebirth environment. I could tell she really engaged with how we were feeling and was celebrating our birth with us.
I would recommend Jade to anyone who wishes to document anything – be it a birth, special occasion, wedding, or family photoshoot. She has a knack for noticing unspoken emotion and gently representing real events without directing or manipulating those in shot. Thank you Jade, we will make sure Autumn always knows who you are and we look forward to sharing the film with her when she is older. The only thing we didn’t get was a picture of you on the day!birth photography shropshire



So almost a few weeks back I was called out to a birth- I travelled over two hours to attend this and I was so grateful to have booked a beautiful family to capture. I will tell you the story very soon but for now here’s a little something to keep you going! Iv’e also got a wonderful birth film to share with you with the beautiful little baby girl and her family.

birth photography

mother and baby first moments


sibling photography

A little sneak peek of a recent session I did with the lovely Copplestone Family. Beautiful colours surrounded us in this Autumn season. We captured some beautiful children and family portraits. I look forward to sharing more soon along with a lovely little behind the scenes film I made.



‪#‎birthphotography‬ I have some very exciting stuff to share with you! I am so excited. I was very priviledged to attend a home water birth last week and it got those tears rolling down my cheeks I tell you!
I can’t describe really how it makes me feel being able to capture births but emotional, excited and adreneline pumping especially when I get called in the middle of the night.
Story behind the image…. mama birthed a beautiful baby, daddy caught her and lifted her from the water to give to mama to hold. A little lady after 3 boys, what a wonderful surprise for them!
This is actually a still image from a film clip as I did alot of filming at this birth.
#birthphotography ‪#‎breastfeedingproject‬ The Beautiful Breastfeeding Project by Jade Langton-Evans
copyright jade langton evans photography/film making

This image has sadly been removed 3 times from my photography page on facebook but still remains on the page The beautiful breastfeeding project on facebook, my twitter page and my blog!

It would be wonderful if you could share the blogpose and celebrate this miracle of life.



After photographing for many years I also had a love of moving images but never really started filming until about 2 years ago when I attended two amazing births, after these videos went viral online I loved filming so I kept making filming personal films when I had my first baby in 2014. From there on I had many people interested in having their wedding captured in this different style to the usual traditional videography. I filmed my first wedding below and since this happened we are filming most of our brides weddings for 2016 and beyond. I am also taking on film only commissions which I am really thrilled about! The way in which I film is very different to the usual wedding films you see I like to keep things simple and beautiful concentrating on capturing lots of beautiful pockets of memories that happen throughout your day. There is always alot of emotions happening at a wedding day and it’s true bliss to capture all this goodness.


Just a few examples of the other lifestyle films I have had the pleasure of making for clients.

If you are interested in having a chat about me filming your wedding or special family memories and days out I would love to hear from you!