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    Hi I'm Jade,

    I hope you feel at home here. I am a portrait and wedding photographer and film maker based in Oswestry Shropshire.

    "The home of heart warming photographs and film making evoking the simple beauties of everyday life"

    Life is so busy and fast we often miss the small things that make us grateful. Slow down, breathe, love, feel and I will capture the things that you don't always see.

    I really care about the people I photograph which is why I like to take the time to get to know you over a real conversation. I believe that foremost the real images reveal themselves when you are open in yourself and to the world around you.

    I want to capture you in your happy place, I will ask you what makes you happy and what makes your heart full. I love to capture those moments where you light up when you tell me whats important to you. That's my love to capture your love, your happiness, your story!

Old man gummy smile, It really makes me laugh that you do this! It really is so cute. Right now you are 9 months old and you are changing so much!

You started crawling this week, you love to walk with us while we hold your hands, you are definitely on a mission!

You are so noisy like really vocal if you are really happy or really want something you certainly let us know by raising those vocal chords, Poor mummy!



Since I last wrote an update on where your at I cannot believe what you are doing now!


Clapping hands and waving, chatting and squealing very loudly! walking along the couch, standing by your self unaided, walking a few steps with mummy or daddy holding your hands, taking food from our plates and you know what you want I tell you that!!

You copy things we do like pull the blanket over your face then pull it down when we say boo, you copy little faces we do.george2

You do this hilarious old man gummy smile which is so cute.

You really seem to have a great love for me reading books to you now, I always have but now when I bring out a book you get so excited!

You love kissing and cuddling the ladies!



I have a secret to tell you…photographers sometimes get scared to take pictures.

How is that so?

Sometimes going out of my comfort zone is difficult. I have a kind of order in my mind of how I like things to be, in terms of maybe how I interact with the people, where I might place them and how I might like the light to look when they are interacting. From that point I let things go and capture the moments.1

I tend to stick with the use of lighting that I feel comfortable with as it were as this always lands me with great results where I can then just focus on the people and get those shots.2

When I started my business in 2011 I vowed I would never become complacement on doing the same thing. It’s good in a way as it show continuation of style but in some ways not because new creative boundaries arent always being broken to create amazing images.

As an artist myself and I’m sure others can relate to we put a great deal of pressure on ourselves creatively and sometimes we just need a break where we can just focus on the world around us, what I mean for me is taking time to breathe, soak up goodness, relax the mind and body, spend time out in nature and in time things will appear as you never saw them before.

I now look at the way light falls in my home like I never have before. Its given me new eyes to capture something really different for me.3

Every morning when we go downstairs for breakfast the first thing George loves to do is to look out of the window and here is just one instance where I noticed that beautiful light is everywhere we just have to watch and wait.4

So yes my secret is out, I do get scared. Scared of trying new things. Maybe it’s because I’m scared the results won’t be as good as what I know I’m good at producing or maybe its because I’m scared people not might like them as much. This year I have felt a change to go right out of my comfort zone. Each time I have I have been fascinated by what Iv’e learnt. That’s where the magic happens!

What matters is that I will not stop creating because it was the one thing I was born to do.7




I am pleased to announce my 2nd Photography workshop on Saturday 6th June 2015

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Where will the course take place?

Whole Life Christian Centre Oswestry – Perks of this place, a great cafe with awesome cake! There are fabulous local places we can travel to within a few miles that will give us great opportunity to take fabulous photographs during our time together!


Saturday 6th June 10-4pm

Tell me more about the course

The course itself will be a  Photography Course focusing on the Fundamentals of photography and  how to make the most out of your camera to make better pictures everyday. The course is aimed for DSLR users, however people have attended the course with various cameras.

–  Learn  about elements of photography including Aperture, Shutterspeed and Iso and how to use them.

-Get off Auto mode

– Learn how to use natural light in your photographs

–  Class discussions

-Work as a team on  photography projects together

-Use and develop your skills outdoors on location

-on hand help to answer your questions and get the most out of the day

How much is the course?

-The course cost will be £99 per person

-The course will be a one day course (10.00am-4.00pm)

-Refreshments will be included throughout the day (tea, coffee, biscuits) There is Cafe life that do great lumches and cake but feel free to bring a packed lunch if preferred.

-It also includes a mini booklet that will be designed and made by Jade Langton -Evans Photography and it will include tips, and reminders and  simple guides to help you when using your camera in various situations. It will be perfect to carry around in your camera case/bag and you can refer to it when you need help remembering what to do to make the most of your imagery.

-The course is limited to spaces and we must receive full payment to book a place. Bank  transfer is accepted.

What people are saying about the course

“The course was a great experience, and taught me everything from the basics of taking a good photograph through to selecting the perfect location and lighting for the shots.  It was an interesting insight into Jade’s unique style and I’d highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography.”

 ”I really enjoyed the course today and I felt like I learnt a lot in a short time, now to get on with practising, it was a great setting too”

 ”just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course today you are an excellent teacher!”

 ”just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday! I felt truly inspired coming away from Erddig and have been bothering the family with the camera since! ”

If you would like to book please email me at