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    Hi I'm Jade,

    I hope you feel at home here. I am a portrait and wedding photographer and film maker based in Oswestry Shropshire.

    "The home of heart warming photographs and film making evoking the simple beauties of everyday life"

    Life is so busy and fast we often miss the small things that make us grateful. Slow down, breathe, love, feel and I will capture the things that you don't always see.

    I really care about the people I photograph which is why I like to take the time to get to know you over a real conversation. I believe that foremost the real images reveal themselves when you are open in yourself and to the world around you.

    I want to capture you in your happy place, I will ask you what makes you happy and what makes your heart full. I love to capture those moments where you light up when you tell me whats important to you. That's my love to capture your love, your happiness, your story!


A couple of weeks back I got to work with a really lovely couple. Like most couples I work with tell me they rarely have photographs of themselves together unless its a selfie. This couple had recently become engaged and really wanted to celebrate this time so they started searching. They were so fun and lovely together. I dont think I have ever laughed so much with a couple whilst photographing them- they just have fantastic personalities and they really shined through into the photographs!

When they saw the photographs for the first time:

“Omg Omg Omg! Take my money. Take it all. You have to have to do our wedding pictures. I cannot tell you the level of excitement. Can’t stop looking at them. I think I’m in love with you Jade,  Imagine you never picked up a camera and never found out you had this talent? Not worth imagining….”daniellep

Have a wonderful day.




I am pleased to announce my next Photography workshop which will be on Saturday 19th March at the beautiful Ty Mawr Country Park in Wrexham.

This is one of my favourite places to go. It has such beautiful scenery, lovely walks, as well as beautiful wooden sculptures around the place. It’s a brilliant place to photograph and also enjoy nature so I’m really looking forward to this one.

This is will my only workshop for 2016 as we are occupied with beautiful weddings and portraits over the year.

This is the 3rd workshop we are holding and each has been at a different location for variety.

photography poster 19march 2016

What are others saying about the course?

“I thought the course was fantastic. Content was brilliant, really informative and hugely motivating. Your delivery was so natural and easy to follow, which was brilliant for anyone like me who is a little less technically minded!!”

“The venue was perfect and the relaxed atmosphere helped everyone to gel straight away. The outdoor location was lovely, I’m now really excited to start putting into practice everything you taught us on the day. Hopefully I’ll have some lovely photos to share with the group very soon!! Thanks again for a great day. I’d definitely be interested in hearing about future courses!”

“Thank you jade for a really enjoyable day and lots of great tips. Location was great (church, cafe and castle – including ducklings!!) and loved meeting everyone on the course. Look forward to meeting you all again in our mini Facebook group!”

Rebecca Challenor- It was amazing hun – thanks so much!!! Just need to read through all my notes again but learnt so much! The only down side was that I could do with another day/week/month/year of classes from you . Lovely bunch of people too.

Terri Dhawan- It was great Jade Anne Langton-Evans ! Thank you so much for a lovely day. It whizzed by. What a lovely group of enthusiasts oh & I loved the centre.

“The course was a great experience, and taught me everything from the basics of taking a good photograph through to selecting the perfect location and lighting for the shots. It was an interesting insight into Jade’s unique style and I’d highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography.” ”I really enjoyed the course today and I felt like I learnt a lot in a short time, now to get on with practising, it was a great setting too” ”just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course today you are an excellent teacher!”


If you are interested in learning about how to make better pictures and understand your camera easily and simple ways to do this then this course would be really beneficial. This course is aimed at anyone who may like to take pictures for personal images. blogs businesses.

Look forward to hearing from you:)




Part 2 My second part of the 3 part series is talking about the importance of not hiding your images, How much do you value your photographs?

I’m so pleased that I have inspired others the value their photographs too and start getting them off your computer and phones and giving them the value they deserve.




It’s been my mission to really show the importance of photographs. For a little while now I have had so much to share on this matter. So I devised a three part series to share with you why I think it’s so important to look after your photographs, value them, and exisit in them for your family memories.

It’s been great to receive messages of feedback so thank you for taking the time to let me know that I have helped you.

Part 2 coming soon