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    Hi I'm Jade,

    I hope you feel at home here. I am a portrait and wedding photographer and film maker based in Oswestry Shropshire.

    "The home of heart warming photographs and film making evoking the simple beauties of everyday life"

    Life is so busy and fast we often miss the small things that make us grateful. Slow down, breathe, love, feel and I will capture the things that you don't always see.

    I really care about the people I photograph which is why I like to take the time to get to know you over a real conversation. I believe that foremost the real images reveal themselves when you are open in yourself and to the world around you.

    I want to capture you in your happy place, I will ask you what makes you happy and what makes your heart full. I love to capture those moments where you light up when you tell me whats important to you. That's my love to capture your love, your happiness, your story!

The Sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray. The sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play.

I have been photographing families and kids since I was 18 years old so in reality that’s 10 years.  (almost 5 professionally) You could say I have seen it all. I have seen the temper tantrums I have seen the embarrassment on adults faces “why is my child acting this way?” I have seen many moments which have made me smile, made me cry, I have seen parents make very different choice to others. The truth is we all have different views on how things should be done and that’s totally fine. I have watched, I have observed I have learnt so much from observing children and families during sessions about what works when it comes to taking photographs and what backfires. I am even surprised sometimes too! I became a mum almost 2 years ago and I have learnt even more through this about kids. So today I want to share my 5 top tips with you.

Photographing kids can be an adventure. They are squirmy, usually really fast and sometimes cranky and uncooperative but guess what?

I think kids get asked to do too much. Often when they see a camera they either run away or pull out their funniest face and say “cheese” If your lucky they might actually want their photograph taken and comply with what you ask. Not to mention that every child has a different energy which you have to look at differently too so it’s about getting down to their level of understanding.


The truth is my first top tip really is the most important for me. Don’t ask too much of them– Kids are constantly being talked at whether its asking them to do something, or telling them not to do something and the many moments where you are trying to get something over to them, telling them how they should be acting or what they should be doing. Or they are not doing something the way you want them to. Adults really are too controlling. You might want the child to do something so you start telling them what to do then they are not doing it right so the other parent starts telling them how to do it as well because they are just not listening. Why are they not listening to me (the parent thinks) The child then gets completely confused and you are frustrated. Who’s fault is it? The child’s because they are not listening? and they are not following your directions? No it’s you the adult- asking too much of them throwing out directions which startles them. By this point the moments gone and the child is just confused.  How can they follow instruction in this way? Believe me when I say asking too much of them will not create good pictures and you will feel like you are fighting a losing battle. Keeping yourself calm is really important. if you have any anxieties or stresses children will pick up on that energy and it can make them feel uneasy.DSC_3558


Stop with the bribary.

When you allow a child in their own time to do things with no rushing or scrambling and allow them to be who they are you change the way they act. They want to listen to you and they want to cooperate and there is not an alterior motive. Why should they “get” something in return for acting a certain way?

Bribes and sometimes even rewards – can send unspoken, but powerful, messages like these to kids:

  • You don’t want to have good behavior.
  • You’re not capable of good behavior without bribery.
  • Good behavior is only important to adults.

The child gets the following message: “That activity must not have any intrinsic value  you must have to pay me to get me to do it.”

Kids do play up and don’t act the way the want them to. They have tantrums and shout and scream and can do things that make us sad, embarrassed and even upset- but controlling them is not the answer. What you need to do is put yourself into your childs shoes and think about why they are feeling a certain way. It is better to get to the bottom of the situation rather than cover up with a short term solution to make them do what you want or make them be quiet. There is no shame in a child shouting out for help or having a frustrating moment. Is has never bothered me on a session when a child has a tantrum- its how you deal with situation with humility and gratitude and helping the child and their needs that is important. I don’t rush my sessions with families and there is lots of time to feel comfortable. Time is important, rushing is not good. They might need a little chat, a little snuggle or a snack, whatever they need- they need portraits oswestry

3.Get down to their level.

Ever think about just putting the camera to the side and just connecting with the person you are photographing? Get to know them, ask them questions. Kids love to talk and interact. So talk about their favourite toy or tv show or sing a song with them. Or if they can’t yet talk sing them a song or clap your hands, do something silly to get them to connect with you. When you get down to their level of understanding and talk about something they are interested in you have their complete attention even if it is for a short window, It doesn’t matter if it’s your own child or not. Yes you may know them better than anyone else but getting into someones personal space is still a priviledge so treat your child with respect or the child you are photographing. It’s not about YOU and getting the picture YOU want. It’s about the child and who they are, if they feel comfortable with you in their space then pick the camera up and then photograph them. Connection between a photographer and the person being photographed is THE most important part of taking photographs. I have realised how great a priviledge it is to be in someones personal space when photographing them and how vulnerable sometimes that can feel for some people. First and foremost it’s how you make someone “FEEL” that matters. You make that person feel valued and special and wait for the right moment to photograph that. Getting into someones personal space (no matter how well you know them) and not making them feel comfortable with a camera in their face blasting orders at them, only thinking about yourself and the images you want to get is selfish and disrespectful to the person.childphotographershropshire


Have fun

Kids need to let out steam. So if you do need to request them to sit down together for example (which may not even happen if for a short moment!) Then think about what their needs might be? Do they need to have a good run around and play, go exploring and do something fun? Kids need to feel free and open with the world around them. We all need time to relax and get out that energy. So allow them as much time to run around and just be kids! Being a child is beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary. Allow their inner beauties to come out. Alot of trantrums and frustrations come from not allowing the ability of those inner energies to be explored.DSC_8922



Find the light

Lighting is really important in photography- It can make the images look so diverse from early morning or late evening to harsh shadows in the day or overcast so be creative and capture your kids in various situations whilst out and allowing them to enjoy the world around them . This will allow the child to be happy doing something they enjoy whilst also allowing you to be creative and try and make new and interesting pictures.documentary family phootography shropshire

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful. Have a great day and enjoy taking photographs. Dont make it a chore- make it a moment.

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My whole life I wanted a sister..I never did have a sister but was a big sister to two younger brothers- . I loved it but still really wanted a little sister. So I always guessed that because I never had a sister I would have a daughter…so when I got pregnant I was completely convinced I would have a girl. I had a boy- my beautiful George and couldn’t have been more in love with him. One of the thoughts I had was the importance of being a mother in a boys life. A mother teaches the boy how to be gentle, how to love fiercely and how to care for others. She makes that boy grow up into a good man. I realised that the importance for a mother in bringing up boys is wonderful but also very sacred in importance. I love these images which are from a session I realised I hadn’t shared with you. I love the affection and fun beautiful moments held here. So mamas do not underestimate the work that you do as a mother. Realise that you are strong and great mothers make great men which is what the world needs more of.

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I am a visionary creative. I sometimes cannot describe in words what I want to say to people but today in stillness the words came as I listened to the pitter patter of raindrops on my windscreen and the gentle breathing of my little one sleeping behind me in the car. I took moments to stop and get out my notebook to pour out these words.

We all have a gift. I believe we must use those gifts for good. My gift is of the connections of people. My camera is just a tool in the process, it is what is in my heart and what I see in others hearts that allows me use my camera to preserve those beautiful connections.

My love of family is the biggest love I have. Now I understand what it feels like to be a mummy and have my own family it has made the connection I have with the families I photograph much stronger. I see and feel more than I ever have. To hear your story, to feel the love you have for your own families. The joy you feel is also my joy.

The secret to taking great photographs first and foremost is that photography isn’t just about taking great pictures- it’s a feeling I have when I connect with my subject and that’s where the magic happens.

I just want to share some snippets of everyday beauty in a personal film I made of my family of the last 4-5 weeks.




Hello everyone,

It’s been a little while since I have written a post so I thought it was about time I let you all know some exciting news! I’m SO excited to tell you that I now have my own Gallery Space. This space is a place where I can showcase my work to see it at it’s best. I’m able to meet with clients, do viewings of the images and mainly improve the experience of having your photographs taken. I love to have a chat over a drink and talk to you face to face. I miss that communication that you just dont get over email or phone and its been something I have wanted for a very long time so this year I  finally made it happen. I have a cosy room not far from Oswestry in the village of Chirk situated on the main highstreet above a flower shop. It allows me to be flexible to make appointments and meet people around my family life.

I just want to let you know that I am having a little open day on Sunday 17th April 12-4 so that you can pop in and have a little look around, find out more about what I do and eat cake! Id’ love to meet you. So if your able to pop in I’d love to see you!

If you would love to come to visit and have a look around but can’t make the open day please do contact me to arrange an appointment to suit you.

Have a great week everyone!



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I captured this beautiful homebirth back in October 2015 Iv’e been saving it. I felt like Mothers day was just the perfect opportunity for this. This is a shortened version of the main film just showing highlights of this incredible time. Huge thank you to the family who wish me to share it with others to promote homebirth and breastfeeding.