Father with baby son

18 Summers


18 Summers


 It hit me hard, a huge ache in my chest....


Only 18 summers with our kids before they are fully grown. 


18 summers.


And what will we do with those 18 summers.... when you say 18 summers like that it sounds like it's going to be by so fast. When you think 18 years it seems forever away.


But it's really not. My George is already 4!


When I was a little girl summer days seemed to last forever.

Playing in the garden picking up snails, and looking under rocks for bugs, catching newts. Sucking on shaped ice cubes and running to the ice cream vans for a Mr Whippy. Splashing in the paddling pool, sandy toes and salty hair from the beach. Jumping on the trampoline for hours!


Bike riding and camping, swinging my legs on the swings as hard as I could, rollerblading, playing on the park, reading to my hearts content, laughing, oh so much belly laughing. Reading into the night my favourite books. Wake up the next day and just do it all again...


Where did that little girl go ... she's still there inside, now making memories with her little one.


Savouring all the moments, all the emotions. Savouring every cuddle and kiss, savouring the sweetness of spending long hot days in the garden or splashing in the river, savouring the many walks we have where we talk and talk and sometimes just walk side by side. Savouring it all.


Because those 18 years have now turned to 14 for me....I refuse to count down any further.


Because counting down means that your waiting.


I'm not waiting.


I'm in the present at every moment.


Because when you are in the present moment completely like a child, there's no thinking about tomorrow.


There's only living in the now and savouring every moment.


I cried when I wrote this


So hug your little ones a little bit tighter, look at them longer, observe how wonderful they truly are. Embrace all the emotions and all the time you spend together and just remember that there are only 18 summers so live every day in wonder, find that happiness within and just live life to the fullest.


Smell the flowers together, and feel the breeze on your face, dance in the rain, and laugh and laugh till it hurts. Enjoy good food together and learn about the world together. Never stop being curious.


You don't need to travel to world to feel special, all you need to do is be present at this moment here and now with your children because that is the best gift you can always ever give them in every moment.


Love Jade xoxox

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