5 Reasons why you need need a Documentary Family Session

5 Reasons why you need need a Documentary Family Session


5 Reasons why you need a Documentary Family Session

I have been thinking about how sometimes booking family sessions can be stressful for people. It’s getting a time where you are all together. Are the kids going to behave? Are you going to feel stressed? What are you going to wear? and do you really like having your photographs taken anyway? So what is the point? Then maybe it get’s put off when it’s something that is important to do for your family memories. The truth is that a lot of people don’t enjoy having their photographs taken. Not really knowing how to pose or look and is it just going to feel awkward? Well, I’m here to share my Top 5 reasons why a Documentary Family Photography or film session is beneficial to you. No pressure. no stresses. Just a lovely experience.

Documentary Family - Indoor and Outdoor. from jade langton evans on Vimeo.


1. You only have to be yourself. (well, that’s a relief!) I also don’t ask you to look at the camera or pose or any weird phrases like ” say cheese! “


2. You don’t have to worry about buying a new outfit. I prefer you to wear something that is comfortable, and something that is you!


3. The kids can run wild and free and it’s OK! You are not stressed as a result of worry that children need to be sitting down and looking at the camera. I welcome children to BE just children. I want children to be themselves and this is HOW you will remember them. I believe that your Family Photography should represent who you really are and your true personalities. I welcome crazy families, weird and wonderful pets and messy homes. Life is about living and enjoying. I LOVE movements such as children jumping and hair swaying and just the lovely little personalities children have their little ways. These small little details and movements have a way of making photographs and films really beautiful and interesting to watch.


4. You can do your normal routine while the session is taking place – We can choose a time of day that represents a happy time for you. Snuggles in bed, breakfast and playing together then maybe a little walk for example! No expectations just real life moments!


5. In fact, my sessions are SO relaxed that clients don’t feel like they are even having a photo session at all, this results in real and beautiful authentic connections that will be captured and are the REAL you.


Day in the life. Behind the scenes with the Challenors. from jade langton evans on Vimeo.


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