A Journey of Gratefulness in Phoneography Workshop

A Journey of Gratefulness in Phoneography Workshop


Welcome, I’m Jade Langton Evans. I’m a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Oswestry. I specialise in families and weddings and documenting real moments. I’m also really passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge to help others.

A large portion of my life is spent with my family. You don’t have to be doing anything extravagant to make great pictures. All of my personal photographs are just in my own home, in our garden, or out at local parks and places we play together. I make pictures of my honest life. I don’t make pictures only on special occassions or events. My everyday life is special to me. I keep things simple and focus on these small moments which allows me to focus on what picture making should be. FUN!

Only a year and a half ago my photographic process changed. I used to take 95% of my personal photographs with my DSLR camera. I discovered that with the right techniques I could make beautiful photographs of my life all on my phone and the best part, they would be print and album worthy. I won’t lie I used to HATE phone pictures. I wanted large high-resolution images that were really crisp.

However for me, it was such a faff taking the big camera everywhere especially with a toddler, so I started spending a lot of my time in utilizing the camera I have with me the most. My Phone. I learned the capabilities of my phone my making pictures in all different kinds of light so I could really tap into how I could make the best pictures.

Why did using my phone make me a better photographer?

As I have simplified my learning process I have gotten better at taking pictures with my DSLR. Everything I have learned taking photographs on my phone has been like exercising my eyes and my heart to see my life and feel my life in new ways each day. This has brought only so much more skill and depth to when I then go and produce art for my clients.

I also wanted to push my boundaries of picture making by producing beautiful images and moments without lenses and too many choices and to use very little and it goes to show that by simplifying it helps the process along in SO many ways. It is amazing.

One thing I learned to let go of in my image making process was perfection. As I completely “let go” of this perfection I feel like I have grown so much more than I ever have in my journey because when you make photographs just because its moments that make you feel grateful, or happy or in the moment they mean so much more than feeling like you can only make pictures a certain way or from a certain angle or in a certain light. I pushed my boundaries in a way I never knew I could.

I can only tell you how using my phone to make personal photographs has not only opened up my creativity as an artist in ways that are incredible but it has also helped me to discover so much about more about myself and change my direction and focus of my images.

It has opened up new opportunities for me and enhanced my career. I feel a new energy and depth to myself and my connection with imagery.

Because there is less to think about when making a photograph its so much easier to “feel” the moment and honing these skills in a more refined way has helped me vastly.

When I look at every photo I made for me I remember how I felt and I am transported right back to that moment.

Because It has been so easy to carry my phone with me I have documented so many wonderful moments and it has given me a greater appreciation for life especially during difficult days.

I would really love to share everything I have learned along my journey of gratefulness through making photographs on my phone with you so you can improve and enjoy your own documenting of your life in a more meaningful and artistic way.

I would like to invite you to come along to my full day workshop where I will teach you everything you need to know from using light, simple camera techniques, working with children, skills that will help you to take control, editing, designing and SO much more you will come away feeling inspired and able to bring into your life more creativity.

I would recommend this workshop to mums and family members who want to make more meaningful images and make the most of their phone camera. I also recommend this workshop to photographers who are mums and want some new inspiration to get them moving forward in new ways.

I recommend this workshop before attending any other photography or DSLR workshops, with too much focus on buttons and technical jargon I feel its really difficult to grasp the feeling of photographs – so I recommend coming along and feeling inspired as a fantastic starting point. Everything that you learn at this workshop can be applied and enhanced in any further learning you may do for photography. Understanding these principles and techniques I teach will give you a deeper understanding of the picture making process. These basic foundations will serve you well as you move through various cameras in your experimentation.

This workshop will not just give you information on what to do. It will change your perception of how you see your life.

You do not need to have the latest phone or any special accessories. Just come along with the phone you have and an open mind to be inspired.


“Thank you for today was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. I felt like you had given me new eyes. I was walking to pick the kids up and was noticing everything – lights and shadows through gates and silhouettes, really excited to have a try xx ” Gemma

“Thanks for the course today – we both found it very informative and has given us lots of inspiration to take (and print!) more photos. ” Anna and Honor

“Thank you for an amazing day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and left so inspired. I’ve been snapping away all afternoon using my new skills and am in love with the results.Can’t recommend this course enough. I absolutely loved it and learned so much. Jade is absolutely lovely and her passion is infectious, you won’t be disappointed. Jennie

"Brilliant course thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge with us Jade – I also went out snapping trying new things you had taught us in Oswestry before the drive home. ” Bridget

“It was such a lovely and inspiring morning, thanks for having us and all the top tips! x ” Tamsin

So what is there to learn about?

I will share with you my story A Journey of Gratefulness using photography in my personal life and my business

This is going to be a fab course and I’m going to be telling you some hidden secrets to how I make my pictures!

When will the course take place?

Dates available:

What is the cost?

The cost of the course is just £75 per person This includes the day course, unlimited tea and coffee and light refreshments as well as hands-on help making your pictures in the creative hour.

Where will the workshop take place?

Location will be in Oswestry – final location to be confirmed

How to book

We take payment via BACS (contact me to organise payment) or by credit / debit card / PayPal using the button below (NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit / debit card)

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