Bob's Dead.

Bob's Dead.


One of the many great things about children is that they say it how it is.

There's no beating around the bush or anything trying to find the "right words" so as not to offend anyone - just bluntly. As honest as you can get really.

I believe this is beautiful. It's open, it's honest, it's children.

They just talk about life as it is.

Openly, with no shame, no worry about offending anyone and so innocent.

Adults are the ones who that hush them and try and make it seem "less awkward."

A lot of adults shy away from talking about the difficult conversation or just purely avoid it.

This is likely because they were brought up around other adults who were also brought up the same way.

Conversations about things that don't happen often but are very much a part of life.

I believe that these conversations are only difficult because the adult finds them difficult.

Children are open books.

Conversations never need to be awkward with your children. Children would only ever feel awkward if you are.

Communication is one of the most important things. If you are having meaningful conversations every day (perhaps at the dinner table) or allowing time for your children to speak and ask questions uninterrupted then conversations just "happens"

Conversations can just naturally flow from a place of curiosity. It doesn't need to be a serious "Let's sit down and talk about this." Or put an appointment in the diary and then dread the conversation.

Just open your mouth and speaking naturally in the present moment.

All children want is to be listened to and to be heard.

They are also OK with honesty.

There doesn't need to be hushed voices.

2 years ago we had to take our dog to get put down.

George still says now when we chat to other people with dogs on walks.

"Our dog died." So open, so honest and no worry or hushed voice or hide away just simply speaking the truth.

People's first reactions are always - BLANK. Then there's just silence.

People don't know what to say. Nobody want's the say the wrong thing or start somebody off crying. I think they are also shocked in a way that he just speaks the truth. Because why would anyone want to talk about death? It's a part of life that's why.

They don't really have to say anything - but if they want to they can.

Openness starts with one person and if the other person in the conversation can become open and not closed off then the conversation is easier.

Now back to Bob.

So 8 weeks ago one of our chickens hatched 5 chicks.

We noticed that one white little chick who was smaller and weaker than the others.

The others were thriving and were already 4 times the size. However, Bob (named by George)  was not thriving. Mummy chicken was not sitting on any of them anymore to keep them warm. Bob constantly looked shaky and cold - even amidst a heatwave. She would snuggle into us when we picked her up and just close her eyes.

We left her a short time to see if mummy would sort her out. We made sure she got food and water and the other siblings didn't push in.

She was still tiny - not putting on any weight and seemed completely weak in herself.

We brought her into the house so she could spend time living under the heat lamp and have access to food, water, and company.

She seemed to be doing quite well.

Then Adam literally said She just took her last breath and died.

She was dead.

Death is something George asks a lot of questions about.

Our conversations are just open and honest and as simple as possible.

No, we certainly don't have all the answers but we tell him that we don't have all the answers in life.

She certainly wasn't growing properly from the start and maybe there were problems that we couldn't see.

George just came out with it and said "Bob's Dead."

George and Adam buried Bob in the garden with a sage plant. George took off his knights helmet and placed his sword on the floor and said: " Bob's going to come back as a Lion."

We give respect to the animals that we come into contact with and appreciate the little life she had.

She was a sweet little thing.





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