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Creative Storytelling with your Children


Good Evening,

I am really excited to tell you about a NEW workshop which is are part of my Documenting Honest Motherhood Series.

My Documenting Honest Motherhood Workshops are going into the deepest parts of my soul, where I really dig deep into many things. 

I want to help you to go deep into your own life and really to get in touch with what is important to you, to discover and find out more about who you really are and what is important for the lives of your own children and generations to come.

Each of the workshops in my Documenting Motherhood Series are all about new ways to discover and document your lives and to introduce you to things you may never have thought about or even considered important.

They are also helping to to get more in touch with yourself, your children and creating more meaning into your everyday lives which will give you more gratitude, more open minded, expansive and creative thoughtpaths that are completely limitless.

I am a storyteller, I come into my Documenting Motherhood Facebook Group each day and I share my experiences and things I'm going through and I share them because it heals me and it helps others to know they are never alone.

Stories are POWERFUL - when we connect with someones story we essentially connect more deeply with them, we connect through " feeling "

When and experience through a story touches us we feel it through our heart.

It is our stories that can help us to create more meaningful experiences whether it's with the people that we love the most, someone we just met, or any opportunity that  our story might need to be told to help someone and give them the confort they needed in that moment.

Our stories whatever size you consider them to be CHANGE LIVES

It is my love of storytelling that has inspired this workshop.




Why are Stories so POWERFUL for Children?

Stories help children to connect with various different life situations, there is a story for this and a story for that.

Simple stories for everyday situations, stories for pretty much anything!

Children will even ACT OUT Stories and this can help us to connect on a deeper level with them and ourselves using this powerful tool.

There are things we can notice from our children's play which will help us to understand our children better.

We can understand "how" to help them with situations they might struggle with in everyday life through storytelling.

This is such a deep topic because I really go into depth surrounding these things within the workshop.

These conversations are important for you and your children.

It leads into easy to talk about topics but it also leads into difficult topics too and this creates a really strong conversation between your life and the lives of others.

It really makes you think about what is truly important and WHY?


Give me the juicy details



 start date? 

March 1st 2019



Creative Storytelling with your Children Workshop is a private online facebook group

It's a 6 week length



The Workshop is £35pp


What does the workshop consist of?


Week 1

- Where stories originate from

- outlining workshop

- Discussions surrounding our own stories and experiences and how they play a role in our lives as well as our children's.



 Week 2


-Understanding the use of the right brain and how it plays a huge part in your children's lives and development

-How to communicate effectively.



Week 3

- Delving deep into our own histories, our own lives and some soul searching

- Using our memories, experiences and pure existence to create these into stories and example of life long learning



Week 4

- Difficult Conversations about the body, death

- Different emotions and how to use and communicate stories effectively in a way that your children understand



Week 5

- Fun ways to create well loved stories with your children to connect together

- Beautiful imaginative ways to use nothing, light, shadow and encourage self directed and open ended play, music, sensory,

- Why it's important and How to create/make time for unstructured time and play in your home for children to create and make sense of their own stories and imaginations.



 Week 6

- Sharing thoughts and ideas  around the topics

- How to document your findings and how to document all of the wonderful things you have observed and learnt about all the wonderful things we have been talking about and your own findings that we can use for your children and for generations to come

- Discussing challenges and struggles 

- More ideas, support, guidance and a listening ear,

- Guide on HOW to document our own personal stories that are ours

- How all of this can help serve others around us and the world


Expectations surrounding the workshop


I want this workshop to be really accessible to you and because there is so much to go into with depth I feel it's really important to be able to provide a space that you can access anytime but also a space that is a little bit everyday so it's not overwhelming, it also gives you time to take it at a pace and collect your thoughts and ideas.

So here are some questions that I think will answer some of the questions that will come up


Do I need to show up at certain times each day 6 weeks sound really intense? 

There will be 5 posts a week ( Monday - Friday ) and 1 video which will be live. The video will be aimed to keep at 30 minute chunks so they are not too long and are easily watchable, or can listen to as you are going about your home. Some weeks I may do more than more video, there will also be question and answer sessions, support, ideas sessions where I can answer any questions or give ideas and support to anything specific or individual that may come up for you.


Is it an interactive workshop?

The Beauty of Creative Storytelling with your Children is that you can login and read the posts whenever is convenient for you each day.

You are not expected to comment or interact with the posts on a daily basis

If you want to sit quiet and oberve and take it all in - that's absolutely FINE! If you want to chat, comment, offer ideas of your own or share experiences then I absolutely WELCOME all of that!

It would be lovely to chat with you within the group and see some exciting conversations going on - but if that's not for you - totally ok, it is not expected.


Will there be any homework?

There will be a workbook - more like a guide really.

You can do this or not! It's really a space for you to note down ideas and inspiration that may come to you at anytime!

Because some of the topics are quite deep I feel that many will resonate with so many different aspects I think you'll find yourself remembering various different things that may need to be written down.

 I will be there to support each day and will be able to chat via facebook messenger should you need to discuss anything privately.


I am SO excited to teach this workshop and have you along for this adventure!


Book me on!




Much love







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