Documenting Honest Motherhood Workshop - A Journal Of Exploration 2019

Documenting Honest Motherhood Workshop - A Journal Of Exploration 2019


Jade Langton Evans - Photographer and Film maker is teaching a workshop to help mothers document their lives in a meaningful and authentic way.

 A journey of personal exploration and discovery. Of happiness, of sadness, of trauma, of healing which is authentic to each mother.

I have always found in my life that documenting my life is where I have found strength and discovery, whether it be through writing, drawing, photographing, filming, blogging, and really making a time capsule to make sense of life.

It's where I can have a safe space to create whatever I want for me. Upon recent events, this idea has been born of sharing my personal experiences in more depth and honesty with other Mother's and giving them the tools that work for me and allowing and encouraging them to experiment with them for themselves to find what works for them. I hope this workshop can be a safe space to find your own creativity and inspiration in motherhood, but mainly space where you can feel inspired to create for yourself, Creativity is a way in which you can nurture yourself. As Mother's we all need to nurture ourselves more.

I want to give you permission to open that creativity within you which is in each and every one of you. I would love to share this journey with you. Healing can be found through opening your creativity.


I want you to imagine for a moment.....

 5 hours childfree with no worries. Absolute bliss! (however babes in arms welcome)

Imagine yourself in a relaxed and calm space where you can be completely yourself. Completely You.

 That might be sitting in complete silence and calm. It might be sketching or writing in a notepad or it might be sharing and holding a space for another woman.

 Whatever it feels like you want to do.

 Whatever you feel inspired to do.

 This space for you to have to yourself, to tap into your feelings, your wants, your needs, your desires.

 This space is for you to nourish and nurture yourself.

 You can bring a pillow/blanket/scarf, essential oils to get yourself comfortable and into a space of nurturing for whatever your needs are.

 The Workshop Documenting Honest Motherhood A Journal of Exploration will give you the opportunity to listen to the words I speak and the tools I provide and open you up to help you open the creative doors that you have within you to a place which will help you to document your own personal journey in an authentic way. 

 Motherhood can be wonderful, challenging, raw, difficult

 I want to help you to find a way to express all of the emotions and experiences you have into something that documents your individual journey as being a Mother .

What this will look and feel like will be personal to each mother.

I will provide various materials which are open to interpretation to try, to explore, to see what feels good to you.

I will go through various different techniques and tools which can help you on your journey of expression and documentation.

From Writing exploration in various ways, to photography and other expressions of creativity using things that anyone has access to.

I teach from the heart, and encourage exploration for yourself to discover yourself within the process.

 I am so excited to be sharing these spaces to you and helping you to find the divine wonder and creativity that is within you.

 I will help assist you in finding the right environment that your individual creativity will come alive in ways that are wonderful, unexpected and transformational.


 I am so looking forward to sharing this space with you.


My lovely friend helped assist me on my first workshop for this series and she kindly took a few photographs too.




Saturday 4th May 2019

at Jolt - Oswestry Town Centre


The workshop starts at 10am and will finish at 3.30pm 


Lucy Ann Dawson

 "I haven't had a chance to say this on here as yet since yesterday but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Jade for gifting me a place on this workshop. My husband asked how it was when I got home and I said it was powerful, emotional, and one that makes you want to head straight to a log cabin in the woods with only a notepad and pen for company! I told him it was the most powerful and inspiring workshop I have ever attended and I meant it. I felt amazing when I left, I went straight to buy a new journal, and I have also since spent a lot of time over this weekend planning my writing project in my head. I cannot wait to start. I cannot wait to create, to process and to heal. I am also eager to start letters to my daughters, and have looked into piano lessons with the tutor in my village! I have gotten so much from your workshop, on so many levels. I really can't thank you enough and also want to say a huge well done on creating such a powerful and safe place for women to nurture themselves and learn how to be creative and really document honest motherhood, in all it's glory be it good or bad. You delivered it beautifully and having your own personal experiences in there resonated with so many of us, it certainly did me. Thank you, THANK YOU!!! You're an amazing woman 😚 xxx"


Liz Pyman

"Thank you so much for that incredible morning of sharing, laughter, warmth, tears, magic. It was so, so needed, the energy in the room was really special. And to think that most of us had never even met before. I arrived in a pretty low state, after a few really hard days of depression, and so much was released during those two hours - amazing and so healing. Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers, and the advice and ideas and guidance, and the magical whispering in my ear..... What a privilege to have been there. Jade, you created something very powerful and transformative. THANK YOU. "


Stacey Matthews

 "Thankyou so much Jade for a fabulous workshop today! 

It was lovely to meet the other mums and babies and to have a safe space away from the everydays of motherhood to really explore our own feelings and emotions and to discover ways in which to express them. 

Your presence is so calming and you created such a beautiful environment. Thank you so much again. "


I can't wait to share this space with you.


Jade xoxox



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