Everything you need you already have.

Everything you need you already have.


Everything you need you already have


You don't need to keep making your life better.

You don't need more things or more stuff.

All you need to do is to deeply connect to yourself.

All you need to do is deeply connect with those you love.

Look at your loved ones and "See" them for ALL that truly are in that moment.

Love yourself deeply and love other deeply.

And you will see more love everywhere when you invite more love into your life.

There are moments between the moments. They are feelings.

Allow yourself to feel those moments. Those feelings.

There you will find the love.

Hold the people you love like you really, really mean it.

Don't hold back sharing the love you have for others, it makes the world a better place.

You make the world a better place too.


Love Jade xoxox


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