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Fly on the wall



 "Fly on the Wall"


What it is and what I'm not: Explained.

A lot of people explain natural photography like "a fly on the wall"

It would be great to have photographs like your not actually there in the room taking them. Like your invisible or something.

I'm pretty sure I don't have Harry Potters invisible cloak or something (which would actually be quite cool!)

In order to get those photographs that look like I'm not actually there in the room taking them I actually have "not be" a fly on the wall. I have to actually BE part of the day.

Because otherwise, people are not going to actually "look natural" because there's an elephant in the room taking photographs! ;)

We don't actually know her with her camera, and we'll probably feel a bit weird with her skulking around in the background photographing us and watching us.

It's kind of the complete opposite.

In order to get the real images, people have to feel comfortable with my presence so that the camera is essentially forgotten about.

Ask any of my clients and they'll say we kinda forgot about the camera, or we didn't notice the camera. Jade just chatted with us and the kids and it felt like a friend just hanging out!

That is because I am building relationships with my clients from the moment we first speak on the phone or email, even on the day when it's probably the first time they have met me. But it's super natural and easy.

On entering the clients home they are inviting me into their space.

I settle in anywhere! but the first thing I do it talk, I'm good at talking and I'm really good at making people feel safe and secure and comfortable.

So the way I make people feel and the relationships I build are of the utmost importance.

So I'm definitely NOT a fly on the wall.

I'm very much a part of your day alongside observing and creating stories through whatever happens to be going on!

It's really not a photo session, I'm basically just hanging out with you on a normal day.

I show you all the things I find rather extraordinary about your family and your kids, relationships and make that into something incredibly beautiful for you to keep forever!

If you want to see me interact with a family at a real-life session you can watch this video: 

Day in the life. Behind the scenes with the Challenors. from jade langton evans on Vimeo.

Fancy having me over to hang out? YES PLEASE ;) I'd love to :) find out more and you can take a lovely 20% off collection pricing head this way:

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