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Getting to know me. (Post 1 of 3)


Who am I? (post 1 of 3)


I wanted to share with you over the next few days more of who I am and where my love for documenting has come from.

My Beautiful Everyday - by Jade Langton Evans 2018 from jade langton evans on Vimeo.

Growing up I always looked forward to having a family of my own and I always loved children. I always loved creating art so for me I was always going to do something creative which involved children and art, I was going to teach at a school but instead because it felt completely good and completely right to me started my own photography business creating art and creating my own workshops too which don't "teach" people this is how you do it, but open you to experiencing your own feelings and life to how you can present that in your own, authentic way.

My love for photography started properly at the age of 18 which was when I got my first proper camera. I started taking pictures at friends weddings and was always drawn to the natural moments and I started making photographs for friends so I could essentially practice. Before I knew it I had clients travelling to me from all over the world - which was quite extraordinary and unexpected for me!

I found my real love with families: the story, the bonds, and over time felt more comfortability documenting the true honesty of people and it's only deepened since becoming married and having my own little boy too. I now have a deeper understanding of children and a deeper love for the family unit and preserving that through honest documentation.

There is NO OTHER THING I would rather be doing with my time. I truly believe that the experience I create and give to the world is important.


Because the world needs to witness more honesty. The world needs to see what love really is.

The world needs to see how imperfectly perfect family life truly is.

Most importantly Families need a record of how I see them because the joy it brings me and the joy it brings to my families is really monumental. I have witnessed it, particularly in the last 1.5 years as I have become completely open and honest about life. As I have done so, families have opened up to me more so in the process they have felt connected to me in a much more intimate way, it has formed a trust and bond. It has helped me to connect even further in the soul image making process.

The honest stories I am telling through my camera from my heart are through love and feeling. I create something so precious and something that you cannot capture yourself. My eyes and heart connect with the moments and they are there forever as an incredible record for you to savour those everyday moments with your kids.

These small moments truly are the monumental ones because the small things are the big things to them.

An ordinary day is truly magical and extraordinary if you could see what I see when I look at you and your family through my eyes.

I am able to show you beyond the photograph and capture the soul of the moment in a heartfelt and life-changing way.

I know that my families I am privileged to work with have a much deeper gratefulness for their life after working with me because when you see what I see you will truly understand the meaning of existing. Existing presently with your children is one of the most life-changing experiences in your life. Allowing yourself to be truly present and me the artist to document the moment you experience life more deeply.

Getting to witness that as photographs and films is not only transformational but it is also a gift to your children and future generations of your family.

Here is me with my family only a few months ago, I edited this film from clips made by my friend who is a filmmaker. I was going through one of the most difficult times in my entire life. Deeply traumatic and going through huge struggle every day. But AS ALWAYS photographs and films that show love, honesty, rawness, and emotion have the POWER always to remind us how grateful we are for the small things NO MATTER what is going on in our lives. I am living proof of that. Creating and being documented heals me every day.

I invite you to take the next step:  https://www.jadelangtonevans.co.uk/family-photography-investment/19

Love Jade xoxoxox

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