Father with baby son

I'm SO over posed photos.




I'm SO OVER posed photos.


 I have had to unfollow a lot of the pages I follow because actually, it is starting to irritate me.

 I'm sure they have their place and you like what you like that's ok! I just want some honesty on the table.


The depiction of a perfect family is clearly not what was. Since when is honesty NOT BEAUTIFUL.


More than anything families NEED to see what they look like from my perspective. Because honestly, I love the bed hair and the pj snuggles, the sticky fingers curling your hair, I want to see the high fives and thumbs up when your little one pees in the toilet, slept through the night or slept a stretch of 3 hours! and you shout HOORAY!! I want to see the handprints glistening in the morning light on your windows, see the rolling eyes when you get irritated, I want to see the Cheerios and milk split on the table, the toys are strewn on the floor in a way your children understand, books scattered around. I don't care if your pots are piled up in the kitchen or that you're not wearing clean ironed clothes.


Because I don't care about ANY of that. What I care about is the story behind it all and find it I do. Real life is the most beautiful, it always will be to me. Finding beauty in the ordinary is not a rarity it is ALWAYS there, there's a lot of stuff you don't notice that I DO.


So when you look around and think well why would I want this photograph - you should ask the question Why would I not?


Honestly - I can do a better job than you can. That is why you must let me show you how your ordinary every day is actually the most wonderful, extraordinary day of your life.


 Love Jade oxox





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