Father with baby son

I've always loved kids.


I’ve always loved kids.


Mainly for their ability to just be themselves and have no shame in that.


Kids teach us to be silly and to be playful.


Because as adults we sometimes lose that ability.


My husband snapped this photo tonight which I was unaware of.


We were too busy having a laugh at storytime.


I try to read nice stories.


George doesn’t like to sit quietly for stories.


He likes to be jumping around. He actually listens better and takes things in more when he’s moving.


He’s jumping all over the bed.


There’s stuff being flung around the room.


I call it the mad hour in our house before bed.


He’s playing puppets and creating shows on the floor with random bits of toys he’s put together.


There’s a Load of washing on the floor on the landing so he decided to fling my bra on me and use it as a bra hat. We were both hysterical whilst reading about wobbly jelly.


He’s staring at me through the binoculars trying to get my attention then just flings then on me.


I’m so glad my husband took this picture.


These are the moments that mean something to me.


It’s is everyday


George reminds me to play


He reminds me to be silly


He reminds me to be me.


This is why documenting real life is fun.

Years ago if I had been working with families they probably would have felt embarrassed if their kids were doing stuff like this as they had this picture perfect idea sitting nicely reading a story...

Maybe sometimes it’s like that.


I’m so glad that I just started showing people what kind of documentation really matters.


Because honestly when kids are involved they do the most brilliant things and I could never direct or plan something like that.


What I love about documentation is that for me it’s unexpected and I can’t plan for it.


Unplanned moments are always the best photographs.


It’s in the moment. The real and wonderful moments of the extraordinary every day.





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