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Nature is my Elixir


Nature is my Elixir

New workshop!

Since I created my  First Documenting Honest Motherhood Workshop - A Journal of Exploarion at the beginning of 2018 I have felt this huge sense of purpose in helping other mothers with their personal growth. To help them find themselves and to connect with themselves more deeply. To remind them how wonderful they are and to encourage them to know within themselves that nurturing themselves through creativity will help to nourish themselves, and will help them to fill their cup. Once a Mother's cup is not only full but overflowing she can not only have more energy and love for herself but she will be able to be the Mother she always wants to be. The mother who can give more, love more and be their best selves. The mother who doesn't feel guilty because she is not perfect, but the Mother who accepts herself completely and knows in her heart that she is always enough. In every moment. The Mother who fully accepts herself and follows and trusts her intuition, her inner power.

She can be completely in touch with her feelings, she does not need to be fearful of showing how she really feels but she in every moment can feel truly. She does not need to hide away those feelings. It does not make her weak, it makes her strong like a Lion. She owns her feeling, her truth and her power.

This is my second workshop in the series, I am really excited to share it with you.

Amazing things happen when women come together in a space of love with no judgement and are only encouraged to be completely themselves.

So I am inviting women onto my next workshop "Nature is my Elixir."

When I am in nature, everything makes more sense. I can't really explain it, it's just a feeling. When I am in Nature all of my worries just seem to become less important, I feel there's a focus on connecting to myself and the space I am in. I find myself slowing down, I find my breath slows down, my concious thinking slows down and I feel more in tune with myself, more in tune with how I am really feeling. This allows me to to become completely immersed in the beauty that is all around me. 

It helps me to take time to see how beautiful our world really is. To see the many different types of tree all around me, the shapes the smells and how each one is so unique in it's own way. When we take time to really observe the world around us we have a deeper appreciation for it.

I love Forests, and I feel they are such beautiful places, which is why I want to invite a circle of women into this space to explore together.

Mu inspiration for this workshop came from a last minute idea on one of my photography workshops  a few months ago and I decided 2 days before to hold the workshop outside. Let me tell you that workshop was so powerful. Ive't aught the same workshop two times before but this one was different. So much so that one of the women told me last week that " Jade's workshop changed my life." It's really not just about me speaking, exactly what I said or the workshop. It's a bit of everything but the location...being outside in Nature creates an extremely powerful space. Speaking truth and being outside in Nature - there's something extremely powerful in that! I can't describe it, you will just have to experience it for yourself to full understand me.


When is the workshop?


Where is the workshop?


How much is the workshop?

£25 per person


Who is the workshop suitable for?


What will we be doing on the workshop?


The workshop will be a beautiful space for Mothers to re connect with themselves outdoors. Being outside in the Forest amongst the trees, plants and flowers is so healing. We can learn so much from Nature.

Within this workshop I will do a short presentation, there will be various different exercises and prompts to help you connect with yourself with more understanding within a safe space.

I will talk and share further experimentation about Journaling, with an emphasis on Nature Journaling. There will be various different techniques I will introduce you to created around the theme of Nature and using various textures and materials to create something beyond writing but exploring feelings through textures.

A walk around the Forest

Creating something together using Nature

So much more really than the above, but the main idea is to find time for you to ground, experiment and discover yourself in a safe space, to be able to connect with like minded women. To leave feeling refreshed. To help yourself to nourish yourself and allow your needs to be met.

I am really looking forward to sharing this space with you.

Jade xoxoxox







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