Photographs create opportunities to connect with your children.

Photographs create opportunities to connect with your children.


Photographs create opportunities to connect with your children


Children LOVE stories. Children connect and understand life through stories and experiences.

Growing up a lot of people called me nosy and I guess you could call me that in some respects. But I wasn't being nosy to find out the latest gossip to spread around the neighbourhood.

 I was "nosy" in a way that I was naturally interested in wanting deeper connections with people.

My love of photographs is many things.

It's feeling loved, appreciating my life, documenting my life because my memory isn't that great, it's remembering the little things, it's reminding myself of all the love that is around me and it is deeply connecting me with others.

My photographs and my journals give me the opportunity to tell the stories and experiences behind the photographs and to share them.

It's given me so much joy.

People say that cups of tea bring people together but photographs do too.

I can't tell you the amount of beautiful conversations my little boy and I have had over sharing a photo.

We don't just look at them, we talk about the people in them. We laugh and make jokes about stories related to those people and their lives and he asks so many questions.

He feels so connected because he knows little stories about our family and we always go off on tangents about various other things too. 

Our conversations are open, honest and they are wonderful.

They begin with a photograph.

Photographs and the stories that are contained within them create a legacy long after people are no longer with us.

It's another reason I'm so drawn to documenting because the stories are completely honest.

Honest photographs are really important because they contain so much more than a physical portrait of a person.

They show life, how they live, where they live and often even more.

I created a couple of books for George and he often looks at them. 

When he was very little (and we didn't often see our family) it was so lovely for him to see their faces.

I believe that this helped him to remember who they are and how they are a part of our lives and how we are connected to them.

I encourage you to share photographs with your children.

Physically printed photographs that they can hold.

They will not forget that moment of connecting and I'm sure you will have great conversations too.

One of my most treasured memories is of me with my great grandma Betty. Just before she died we spent a long time poring over photographs.

I will never forget how I felt and that time we shared together as she talked about her life. The photographs brought up funny memories, stories, and experiences that she may have forgotten about.

The photographs prompted the memories.

That day was magic.

There are some moments in our recent family film which show us looking through our special books.

My Beautiful Everyday - by Jade Langton Evans 2018 from jade langton evans on Vimeo.



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