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The Beautiful Breastfeeding Project


Thank you so much for being a part of The Beautiful Breastfeeding Project. I am so grateful for you allowing me to document your in your home and capture a special time in your life.

Thank you so much for being a part of an incredible group of women that support women all over the world by not being ashamed about breastfeeding and showing the world openly and truly what breastfeeding looks like. What I can say is that: YOUR stories matter, whatever they consist of.


As a gift for being a part of this project, you are able to keep your favourite image that I will send to you.

 There is no obligation to but if you would like to purchase any other images you are welcome to. 

Here are some beautiful options that we have available:


Digital files and print box

The high-resolution digital files from your gallery and a full set of prints of the final images displayed in a beautiful box and USB £350


Mounted linen box

£395 for 12 fine art printed mounts in box and wooden block

£295 for 6 fine art printed mounts in box and wooden block


40x30 -£650

30 x20 - £500

24x16 - £350

12x16 - £200

get in touch to recieve the chevron options. All frames are beautiful thick prints, double mounted with glass and all the fixings. Each frame is made bespoke by a local framers and all of our designs are made in Italy.


Single loose Prints

 I don't usually offer individual prints but I decided to add an option for this project, I wanted to have an option incase anyone is only able to purchase one 

10 x 8-inch print (or smaller) £35 per print


Just get in touch to make an order shold you wish to make one. Payment can be made via bank transfer.



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