The Butler Family

The Butler Family


Sometimes in life, we feel strongly about something. But no one "gets it" at all apart from us.


That was me in 2015.


I started filming families and people didn't "get it"


To me, it seemed like the next creative expression to move on from with being a to moving moments from stills in my experimentations.


I desperately wanted clients to want one of these films as much as I wanted to make them for families.


I was IN LOVE and obsessed with filming.


It's the closest thing to real life.


You get to see your kids moving around, hear their voices, their giggles and gurgles, and squabbles.


It really took a while and a lot of practicing for my clients to get it.


I realised that they needed " to see the results of having one made " before they could connect with what it was I was trying to say.


And that was it....when I started showing clients the little films I had been making in between their photographs - they got it. They were hooked.


Honestly, they were more hooked than the photographs.


Which did surprise me at first (after all I mean no one got what I was trying to do!)


What I realised is that my families can really relate to film because it captures ALL of the emotions.


Movement, voice, music, and feeling touches the senses in a way that photographs can't.


But together - photographs and films my clients started to see THE WHOLE PICTURE in their storytelling sessions.


So now I got my wish.


I also now have film only clients too. Yes, that's right clients hire me for A family film over photos! Sometimes. It's mostly photographs and films together.


It's EPIC, it's just the way I pictured it 3 years ago.


FINALLY, people GET IT! People get me! People get what I'm trying to say.


Having a normal day documented is extraordinary - your kids and your grandkids will LOVE looking back at these films.


I think that every year or every other year whilst you are starting and growing your family is the perfect way to have your life documented.


What an incredible way to show how your family is growing and changing.


I'm so glad I stuck to my guns when people didn't get me.


I'm so glad I kept filming at sessions regardless to show people how gorgeous their life really is.
I'm so glad that NOW people get sometimes we can believe in something....but others don't get it.
What I know is that this felt SO GOOD TO CREATE, because it came from my heart. It came from my soul. It was an extension of the creativity I already explored.
Now...that has paid off. Now my clients will choose the film over the photographs because its the way that they can connect most deeply to their memories.
Do you want your own beautiful family film? Let's connect
These are an absolute joy to create. Every family is authentic, every story is different. Every film is unique to each family.
Love Jade xoxox

Butler Family from jade langton evans on Vimeo.

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