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The difference between my wedding clients and my portrait clients



The difference between my wedding clients and my portrait clients


My wedding clients have no problem spending money on their "wedding day"
Typically my wedding clients average spend is £2000
Unless families specifically come to me for a family session - having family photographs taken is not something that crosses their mind unless a seed has been planted of its importance within them, through meeting them at an event or workshop, referral, social media.

The average American has a professional family portrait at least once a year.

The average Brit has a family session once in a lifetime.
Posed Newborn portraits are popular in Britain but specifically babies and not family oriented.
My focus is on the FAMILY as a unit. Because that is what is important.

I love a good wedding as much as the next person. I would definitely say that my wedding clients are super chilled and quite nontraditional. A wedding is a celebration of your love as a couple and celebrating with all of the people who are most important to you.

But it's JUST ONE DAY, people save up for this one day and buy delicious things. They go all out on a beautiful venue /seasonal outdoor hire, beautiful clothes, shoes, dresses, gifts and so on and so on...

People don't hesitate to go ALL OUT on the wedding day and make it a day to remember. They spend money in advance of the big day.

When it comes to family photography a lot of people have a hesitancy to booking it and why - I still don't fully understand.
Although it's not a big day like you would consider a wedding.
I believe that your every day, the part of your life that is much more important is what comes after the wedding... it's those humble days you spend together as a family.
Those days are going to be the best and hardest days of your life and these days not only deserve to be celebrated, they deserve to be beautifully documented and honoured.
Because the little things really are the big things.

Weddings are proper hyped up. Little girls dream of the "Perfect Wedding Day" and wearing the perfect dress. So spending all your savings on this day is almost completely nonnegotiable for most women having been imagining this day for their entire lives!

Honestly - The most important day of your life is not your wedding day.

You realise that once you have kids.

So WHY are these beautiful humble days we spend with our families where the really meaty stuff happens not being honoured and documented?

It costs a lot less than a wedding.

Honestly, I have invested money in my wedding photographs and I rarely look at them. NOW I regularly look at the photographs I have made and the photographs and films we have had of our family that we have professionally taken every year. BECAUSE IT MATTERS.I still love my wedding photographs but that was "us" before becoming parents and we are sooo different now! I definately am glad that I invested in them though.

Celebrating your family...

Celebrating the hardest and best days of your life are worth everything.

The results will speak for themselves.

Ask me to document your daily adventures... you couldn't ever possibly regret it...not just someday or one day, but now in this present moment. Because before you know it, your kids will be fully grown.


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