Father with baby son

The Pfe Family





We would like to thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and the incredible movie you made for us.

I still remember how much time we spent thinking about whether we would ask you or not as we couldn’t imagine that you could make a single picture of our messy home and our chaotic life. But we really needed some family pictures as we don’t have any family around that could take some of us 4 so there is always someone missing on our photos.

Now we are so happy that we asked you. You came to our home and made us feel so normal and it was like spending time with a good friend! Looking at the photographs and watching the movie makes us feel so grateful for our life. We still can’t believe that you captured so many amazing images in several situations in only 5 hours on a normal Saturday morning!

We can’t thank you enough. You are a wonderful person and so are your pictures.

Ruth, Andi, Simon & Johanna




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