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There's never a right time. (Post 2 of 3)


No matter what we go through in our lives there is NEVER a right time to have your family documented.

*me and my beaut a precious moment*

It's so EASY to PUT IT OFF

Oh, we'll wait till next year.....Next year comes around...oh we'll wait until next year when money is better, we really ought to get new carpet... and so it continues.

Carpet may be important but will there always be something else?

In 20 years time when your kids have left home, you won't give two hoots about the carpet anyway, believe me, you probably won't be talking about what carpet you had and how it "changed your life" Remember that carpet we spent £1000 on? I loved it so much, I just couldn't live without it. Nope don't think so!

I just need a lose a few pounds or a few stone (or whatever it is that's in your head that's stopping you)

We'll wait until the children are at their next stage it will be better then.

Maybe you're all for it but your partner isn't, it might be that they want to lose weight or they don't like photographs being taken of them or they just don't want to spend their hard-earned cash.

Definitely heard all of these scenarios before and have coached clients through this too (usually it turns out that the guys actually don't mind it once they realise they don't have to pose and they don't have to do very much for the style I do!)

I've heard it all before, believe me, I've heard all the excuses in the book if you want to call them that. I've seen people really WANT to work with me but stop themselves, hold themselves back. They follow every blog post, read all of my emails, and even chat with me, even sometimes meet me but something holds them back every time. They want to say yes, they know the results are going to be wonderful, they know they are going to love the results so much and probably cry over them, probably love them so much they know they could never live without them once they had experienced them. Once they hold this precious gold dust in their hands, it is theirs, those precious moments never to be forgotten, never to have these moments of their children again but they have these precious memories in their hands, they can feel it on the tips of their fingers the knowing that the results will be so wonderful and they want them so much.

BUT - they are scared...... Scared of their imperfections, scared that their photographs and films " won't look as good as the families on the website" 

Worried that their home " isn't as nice as others"

Worried about everything....

The 2nd biggest " problem" is saying No because of money.

Of course our lives go around and around and we live with what we have and of course, money comes into that.

But if you really want a new pair of shoes, or a holiday or a house renovation or special big treat etc ETC THE LIST COULD BE HUGE HERE! then people generally always find a way to make happen what they really want. if they want it ENOUGH!

Photography is NO EXCEPTION. 

It comes down to what is important to you. What is important to you? 

Sometimes photography isn't important enough (until you see the results- and then YOU KNOW) but you have to get past that barrier to get to the results. It's also not important enough sometimes until the inevitable happens in life. Then comes regret.

What can you live WITHOUT in order to have something YOU REALLY WANT? (if money is a problem)

When I reframe it like that, something changed and ticked inside your head. Because of course, anything is really possible. But really it's not really about the money at all is it? Because generally if you have already fallen in love with something the understanding of the VALUE is already there, its just the cold hard cash that you need in your hands to get a bit of it.

It's usually surrounding something above, something about oneself that is bothering you much more than the money,

Once you figure that out, vocalise it, what is really stopping you, what is really worrying you?

Would you hesitate so much if you could see the results before you went ahead if you knew how absolutely wonderful they would be? Would you hesitate in knowing that you were going to have a lovely experience, regardless of the kids playing up, or you couldn't find the perfect outfit or you weren't your perfect weight? or the house wasn't renovated and has a new kitchen (because I'm only coming to photograph your kitchen with the peeling wallpaper right?) because you cant see my kitchen wallpaper peeling in my video I had made for me because my filmmaker wasn't paying attention to it! (and neither was I even though I was going to cancel my shoot because I wanted everything to be perfect then I just LET GO and it felt bloody marvellous!!) I just TRUSTED that the results would be wonderful regardless of all my imperfections.

Would you hesitate if you could *JUST IMAGINE* beautiful images of the people you love MORE THAN ANYTHING else in the world gracing the walls of your home that mean EVERYTHING TO YOU.

I am more than happy to talk you through anything you are struggling with, sometimes talking about those worries makes everything not seem so bad after all.

What happens when you wait?

Sometimes nothing - Sometimes EVERYTHING

The cold hard truth: I've sadly experienced clients losing family members when holding off " for that perfect time" 

I've also been invited to homes where the families are struggling with each other and having relationship difficulties or loss and need a reminder from me showing them the small moments of beauty through hard times that can always be found when we look for them.

I've also experienced clients becoming poorly AFTER the perfect happy time before that when everything seemed wonderful and their lives have been tipped upside down which has given them perfect clarity of how wonderful and precious and fragile life truly is.

It sounds really morbid but none of us know what is around the corner.

This is by no means a guilt-driven post but a completely honest explanation of what I have sadly experienced. But that is life. Life is life and life is unexpected.

What are you really waiting for? If you only ever have your family professionally documented ONCE in your life you will thank me 1000 fold. I promise you that.

Because this is an honest, beautiful documentation of your precious life and with your fabulous children and if there is one thing that is worth investing in it's moments that YOU CAN NEVER GET BACK.

There really is NO RIGHT TIME. " The right time is a lie that stops us from moving forward." Also prevents you from taking action.

For me: There isn't a right time ever I just set aside the time EVERY YEAR to have my own family documented, no matter what is going on in our lives. It's just how it is, It is important to me and no one will take that away from me. The time and money is always put aside even if I have to make sacrifices.

So I am going to reframe and Ask:

Are memories important to you? Do you resonate with me, the words I speak, the feeling I create, the stories and experiences I share, the love I openly give in fullness to each and every one of you? Then I would LOVE to connect with you. It starts with sending me a little love note and a date to chat and connect. I want to hear about your family and the beautiful little things are happening in your life.

I invite you to take the next step: https://www.jadelangtonevans.co.uk/family-photography-investment/19

Love Jade xoxox

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