Day in the Life family photo shoot in Oswestry

Day in the Life - Family Photography & Films

Documenting your beautiful every day. I believe it's these small everyday moments that we will want to remember in years to come. You think you will never forget all the small things, the way your kid's move and sound, the way they play. The bed hair, their little quirks that make them who they are. But the truth is we don't remember everything.

I quite simply hang out with you and your family on a typical day and capture the little details and small moments that are real, honest and raw. It just needs to be a normal day. I both photograph and film and create not only a beautiful story of images but a short film highlighting your family at this season of time. This is a real day and is not posed or directed.

These sessions are of great value, they are intimate and they give you so much. The main thing they give you is an honest account of what your life looks like from my point of view. You see a normal day and I see an extraordinary life. Once all of the little moments come together you will get to take a glimpse into how beautiful you are and see how the photographs and film come to life in the most remarkable way. One of the most important things I show you is how you love and how you are loved.

I typically have 2 options. A full Day in the life documentation or a half day A slice of Life.

Take a look at some stories on the blog from other families talking about their experiences.

I am available to travel anywhere in the UK for Day in the Life Experiences.

Please note I have only 2 spaces per month available due to the time needed for this experience.

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