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Why do my clients get more than they could imagine? (post 3 of 3)



Why does working with me give my clients much more than they ever expected or imagined?


Sometimes clients meet me, love me, we get on like a house on fire and it's like we have known each other forever and they are ready to connect and experience me right away. It's like they didn't know they needed me until they met me and they just knew right away that they needed this experience.

Sometimes clients follow my work for 5 years and read my posts, never comment or connect but are always there. Watching and listening quietly, then one day they just say YES. I need you in my life now. I'm ready for you to work your magic.

Day in the life. Behind the scenes with the Challenors. from jade langton evans on Vimeo.

Sometimes clients follow my work, love connecting with me, very responsive in groups, even enquire to go ahead and then sometimes change their mind not allowing themselves the experience. Sometimes never, sometimes they come back at another point and just go with it.


I'd like to tell you 2 real-life stories.

A lady called Charlotte I met at a baby massage group. I had no idea after we met that she had been following my work for over 5 years. She watched quietly for so long. Then one day out of the blue she told me how I had made such an impression on her over 5 years ago and she hadn't forgotten my presence. She loved the way I interacted with people in a non-businessy way but with love and genuine interest for people around me. She did not like the idea of having her photograph taken, even admitted to me so much so that they didn't have any professional photographs at their wedding because of this. But her quiet watching and listening over those 5 years made her realise that she didn't have to fear anymore because she was in good hands, and she quite liked the idea of after having her second baby that it was about time that she had some special photographs. We connected SO well. Because we had connected, there was no fear. She put her trust in me and didn't seem nervous at all on the day and completely surprised herself in the fact that she was more relaxed than she ever thought she could be when someone was making photographs of her. She loved the experience and is grateful to have met with me and worked with me and mostly to have precious memories of her family but to have conquered that worry and that fear too.

A lady called Ruth contacted me. She told me how she had been desperately wanting beautiful photographs and a video of her family. This beautiful family are from Germany and do not have family local and someone is always missing on their photographs. She was recommended to me and followed my work on Facebook desperately wanting to contact me. But hugely hesitant. Finally she emailed me and took the first step, I think we met in person on this occasion and she was very apologetic and saying don't worry if you can only make a few good photos, something is better than nothing.. after chatting with her in more depth and asking her a lot more questions I managed to understand what she was really feeling. She was feeling inadequate. What she wanted were beautiful photographs and a film and she was looking at other families on my website trying to visualise herself as them. But truly every family is different and although my style has continuity every family film and photograph session is a little bit different. She couldn't SEE the little things in her life that were wonderful. I dug a little deeper and came to find the answers. She thought that because of her children's amount of energy that it would be impossible to get photographs. She worried that I would turn up at her home and I would say I have to leave, she was trying to understand how there would EVER be enough content for their film because she wasn't sure we would be able to " do enough" in the amount of time ( I like to create these sessions in 4-5 hours) After asking questions and digging a bit more she decided that she trusted me. I was overcome with emotion being welcomed into their beautiful home. Not only do they have such a child-friendly household, the parents play so beautifully with the children, allow their energy filled toddler lots of space to play at his own pace and run and jump around freely something I love!) They created beautiful natural spaces in their home, the garden was full to the brim with beautiful flowers and we were able to experience frogs in the garden, intimate moments with her breastfeeding the baby, hugs, kisses, crying, and a beautiful walk, picnic at the river. I told her how wonderful her life was and meant EVERY WORD. When seeing the results, they were incompletely gobsmacked is the only word, the expressions were out of this world that I witnessed. They could not fathom how it was possible to have made so many photographs that beautifully told their story and a film that was longer than the 3 minutes I had estimated for but 5 minutes because there was so much beautiful content. They were grateful mostly that I showed them how wonderful their life was. They knew they were great but they didn't quite know how wonderful and beautiful their life was UNTIL I showed them.

Sometimes people are so consumed at looking at what others lives are like the fail to see all the many wonderful moments in their own. But it's also really hard to see them all in your life when you are living them every day. That is why you need to hire me to do it for you. It is for me a blessing to come into your home and truly see you for who you really are, to capture your true nature in all its honesty and rawness. Its perfectly imperfect and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Take a look at a behind the scenes film. You'll KNOW what I mean.

Feeling the vibe? take the next step! :) Outstretched arms here on my end and looking forward to connecting xxx


I invite you to take the next step: https://www.jadelangtonevans.co.uk/family-photography-investment/19


As my client says in the video below: "Watching the video on a day that seems so ordinary, we've got that forever to treasure no matter what happens, you can't put a price on that." powerful stuff.


The work that I do, I am so so grateful.



The feeling that I get from making something so special for families has brought so much love and joy into my life and other families. I am beyond grateful for my calling in creativity.



My life has turned out better than I could ever have imagined. Every time I connect with a family it only deepens.







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